Back to Sleep

Posted on: May 31st, 2011
by Ryan McElroy, MD

Texas Health Resources Presbyterian Plano (“Presby”) recently enacted a new policy in their newborn nursery. They’ve worked hard to achieve the “Baby Friendly” certification, and now they’ve taken it a step further: Safe Sleep.


For some time it’s been recognized that  a supine sleeping position (“back to sleep”), a flat firm sleeping surface, no blankets or pillows, and normal room temperature (between 68-72 F) lessen the risk of SIDS. However, many nurseries still swaddle their newborns in blankets that migrate up near a baby’s face as they squirm in their sleep, and place them in a side-lying position for sleep. Presby has decided to change things up a bit: they are now placing babies to sleep on their backs with the help of HALO SleepSacks instead of blanket swaddling, to ensure the swaddle does not go higher than the baby’s shoulders. They also prefer no extra objects in the baby’s bassinet, as well as no co-sleeping (baby and mother together in bed) while in the hospital. All of the recommendations (and the SleepSack!) are sent home with the family upon discharge.


So not only are we teaching parents how to prevent SIDS, but we’re now starting to put it into practice from day one, thanks to Presby’s new Safe Sleep policy!  They are the first hospital in the Texas Health Resources network to enact such a policy, and kudos to them.


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