Dr. McElroy Donates His Hair!

Posted on: April 11th, 2012
by Ryan McElroy, MD

Hello everyone!


Most of my patients have noticed that, over the past two years, my hair has become increasingly LONG! Some thought I was trying to be a hippie; others thought it was “cool”; and several of my younger patients asked me why I was “trying to look like a girl.”


Turns out, I’ve been growing it long to donate it! I worked with patients who were diagnosed with cancer or had concerning tumors in 2010, and I thought, “I think I’ll donate my hair while I still have it!” I decided to go with Beautiful Lengths, sponsored by Pantene, and after waiting patiently I finally achieved the required 8 inch length. Now I “look like a boy” again. 🙂


What an inspiration my patients are to me! I’m honored to be a part of their lives, and I hope that I helped ease the suffering of someone struggling with cancer and chemotherapy. (Honestly, I’m also glad to leave those curly locks behind just in time for summer.)


Thanks to all my patients (and co-workers!) who didn’t poke too much fun at me and let me share my story and purpose with them.


Oh, and my daughter told me I had a super cool hair style today – so I think I won on both fronts.


Dr. Mc +


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