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Dr. Ryan McElroy

To make a long story long…


After spending some of my formative years in Georgetown, Texas (meeting my wife while we both drum majored our marching band), I blinked and feel as if I’ve suddenly arrived here: a doc with a wife whose passion for her professional flutist career is inspiring; and who bore our two children, teaching me twice that women are the better of the species (of which my daughters also remind me not infrequently).


Parenthood is, among other things, a lovely and difficult experiment, and the McElroy Lab is continuously busy coming up with new failures and successes. Thankfully the multitude of emotions and complexities that accompany the former pale in the joyful sunlight of the latter. The major discovery from the Lab thus far: time no longer has meaning, and every moment must be cherished because it is now. Another one: no one is perfect – you’re going to screw (them) up no matter how hard you try not to – move on.


In the midst of all this, a random thought came to me:


“My sole purpose in life is to be a magnifier for God’s love, and for my thoughts and actions to be a manifestation of my gratitude for this life God has given me.”


That borders on “too deep,” I know. I had to come up with a way to channel that “purpose energy” into the real world; this was the result:


“The body and the mind are meant to be tools useful for the Greater Good, not focused on oneself, but on helping others. If the body and mind are ailing in some way, they cannot fulfill their purpose. My job is to use the skills I’ve learned through extensive education and training, and continually honed through daily “practice,” to help those sick bodies and minds progress toward healing, so they can get back on the Path.”


That makes more sense, at least to me. I also think children are one of His greatest miracles, and if, in fulfilling my purpose, I get the chance to help you care for your children…well, I think that’s cool. I love all stages of childhood and development, but particularly the newborn and adolescent periods. Helping parents “understand” their babies, and helping those babies transition into adulthood, is fascinating and rewarding.


I also get to work with an incredible group of people. My job is fantastic, but even more so because I get to work with them.


In my spare time, I love to read, play video games (especially with my girls!), knit (yes, I’m a dude who knits – ask me the story), and hang with my ladies.


I’d love to meet you, and even if I can’t serve your needs, I’ll try to help in any way I can.


Have a blessed day.


~Dr. McElroy +
(aka, “Dr. Mac”)