FALL IS HERE!! and it is time for Flu vaccines!

Posted on: September 13th, 2019
by Dr. Shouse

Hello everyone!



I know you have been busy getting summer checkups, shopping for school supplies, starting classes, and all that. But NOW is a good time to call and schedule your family for FLU Vaccine.   I have a lot of people ask me “should we do it now or wait till later?”


Well, in years past “later” was a recommendation. We would have told you to come in October or November to get your flu vaccines before the Influenza cases peaked in winter.


However that has changed. We have better vaccines, which have been constantly improving over the years.  Also since the Swine Flu outbreak in the Summer of 2009, we have noticed an earlier onset of what we think of as “flu season”.  Influenza  illnesses now tends to hit in the fall, and continues on through winter!


So our current recommendation is to get the FLU Vaccine as soon as it is available, to help protect your child through the whole 2019-2020 Influenza season. We received our first shipment of FLU Vaccine at the beginning of September 2019.


So call NOW. Make it a family affair every fall. We will be happy to schedule nurse visits for your children and you!


Theresa Shouse MD



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