iPads and Kids

Posted on: July 5th, 2011
by Ryan McElroy, MD

I came across this while appearing to waste time on the Internet – turns out I wasn’t! I find all of these to be true, in my medical and parental opinion. (I’ve had too many days off for this holiday. I promise to post something actually pertaining to pediatrics very soon!)


“Five Reasons Why the iPad was Made to Keep Parents Sane”


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  1. Dr. McElroy says:

    I must clarify, because the post to which I link appears to condone sitting your kid in front of an iPad and going on with your life – that’s NOT the case! The iPad is a fantastic tool for learning and entertainment, but only when used with parental supervision and involvement! It is a tool in a much broader toolkit – not to be used as a sole means of “distracting” a child. OK, now I feel better. ~Dr. Mc

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