Nighttime Bed Wetting

Posted on: June 22nd, 2011
by Ryan McElroy, MD

Good morning everyone!


Nighttime bed wetting (or primary nocturnal enuresis) is a fairly common problem faced by just-potty-trained toddlers, and even grade, middle, and high schoolers! The older a child gets, the harder it is for them: they get embarrassed; it makes sleep overs difficult or impossible; and it affects their self-confidence.


One of the joys of my job is getting to tell children and parents that they’re normal! I always congratulate kids or their parents when they bring this sometimes sensitive topic to my attention – it’s not easy to tell the doctor everything, and any pediatrician is honored by their trust when they do.


While nocturnal enuresis usually self-resolves with time, there are some strategies one can employ to push the process forward a bit. A fellow pediatrician in Dallas, Dr. Sue Hubbard, posted an excellent discussion about this topic on her blog, and since I couldn’t have written anything better, I’m leading you there!


“Treatment Strategies for Bedwetting – Dr. Sue Hubbard, MD”


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  1. Nicole says:

    Thank you for this blog, Dr. Mc! It’s great to know that there are other children out there experiencing this issue. We’re definitely going to try these suggestions!

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