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Sports Physicals (Preparticipation Physical Evaluation)

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Making sure your child is healthy enough to participate in soccer, basketball, and other sports is the primary goal of the sports physicals available at Pediatric Associates of Plano. The board-certified pediatrics team offer comprehensive physicals at the office in Plano, Texas, on the campus of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano. Physicals meet the requirements of schools, camps, and organized sports groups to ensure your kids are ready to be active team members. Schedule a sports physical today at Pediatric Associates of Plano by calling the office or requesting an appointment online.

Sports Physicals (Preparticipation Physical Evaluation)

Why does my child need a sports physical?

The Preparticipation Physical Evaluation (also known as a sports physical, band or camp physical) is like a routine wellness exam, but with more focus on your child’s ability to safely participate in their sport or activity.

Many organizations, schools or teams require written medical clearance by a qualified physician before allowing participation in a specific sport or activity.

When should my child get this Preparticipation Physical Evaluation (PPE)?

The Preparticipation Physical Exam (PPE) or Sports Physical can be conducted in our office by your pediatrician during the yearly wellness exam.  If there are specific dates required for these physical exams, determined by state law or school districts, an additional appointment may be needed for a PPE to be performed within the required date range.  Once completed, the form is generally valid for one year.

What can I expect during a sports physical?

At Pediatric Associates of Plano, your pediatrician will offer a comprehensive in-office physical examination that complies with the registration requirements for your child’s sports team or organization.

We will review your child’s health history and ask about family history. We will review your child’s current health and any chronic medical issues, to ensure your child’s ability to be physically active.

Parents should complete their portion of the history form before the visit to allow the pediatrician to review the items that need discussion or follow up.  Please take extra care answering the heart health questions about your child and other family members. 

The exam will include a comprehensive physical examination including vitals, heart and lung exam, joints, reflexes and flexibility.  In the case of boys, sports participation physicals include a check for inguinal hernia.

Other topics that may be discussed are peer pressure, eating disorders, abuse of drugs and alcohol and the use of performance enhancing supplements.

What are the benefits of a sports physical at Pediatric Associates of Plano?

We believe that the best person to evaluate your child is their primary care provider during their comprehensive yearly exam.

Athletes who receive only a Sports Physical at a retail-based clinic or school mass screening are poorly served, as their comprehensive health history is not readily available.  Mass screenings do not afford the athlete privacy or enough confidential space.  The athlete may also miss important anticipatory guidance and timely immunizations. 

In addition to helping you complete your child’s registration for athletics, a sports physical ensures your child is ready and able to fully participate in their chosen activity.  If we find a problem with cardiac history or exam, we will refer to a cardiologist prior to approving participation.

In addition to Sports Physicals, we also offer IMPACT testing in our office for children 12 years and older.  This computerized battery of tests is frequently used to establish a baseline prior to sports participation.  Post-injury testing is used to follow a patient who is experiencing concussion syndrome.

Schedule a Sports Physical or Preparticipation Physical Exam for your child today at Pediatric Associates of Plano by calling our office or requesting an appointment online today.