Urgent Minor Injuries Specialist

Pediatric Associates of Plano

Pediatricians located on campus of Texas Health Presbyterian Plano Hospital, Plano, TX

When your child cuts a finger or has a wound after a fall, the board-certified pediatricians at Pediatric Associates of Plano can help. At the Plano, Texas, office on the campus of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano, Theresa Shouse, MD, and the physicians are fully equipped to diagnose and treat urgent minor injuries, like cuts, burns, and muscle sprains. Treatment plans focus on preventing infections and other more serious complications to protect your child’s health. If your child needs urgent care for minor injuries, call the office today and speak to the triage nurse or request a same-day appointment online now.

Urgent Minor Injuries

The team at Pediatric Associates of Plano is available to address minor injuries that need urgent care. They also offer several in-office services to evaluate the severity of the injury or wound and determine the best course of treatment.

The staff pediatricians can diagnose and treat minor injuries like:

  • Cuts
  • Burns
  • Bites
  • Sprains

The team also provides diagnostic services for unexplained pain, swelling, and bruising,

Using the on-site lab and diagnostic testing technologies, your pediatrician can quickly evaluate the injury, so your child’s treatment can start as soon as possible.

When should I schedule an urgent care visit for minor injuries?

If your child experiences a minor injury from a fall, sports participation, or another type of incident, you should administer first aid if you can, cleaning the wound and bandaging it. If there’s swelling or pain from a strain or sprain, you can apply ice and encourage your child to rest.

When pain continues or worsens, contact Pediatric Associates of Plano as soon as possible to schedule an urgent care visit.

If you’re unsure whether your child needs a medical evaluation, you can contact the nurse triage system to discuss their symptoms and schedule an appointment. The pediatric team is also on-call 24 hours a day to answer questions about your child’s urgent care needs.

How are my child’s minor injuries treated?

After a careful evaluation of your child’s symptoms and physical health, your Pediatric Associates of Plano provider creates a treatment plan that focuses on reducing pain and inflammation to help your child feel better.

If your child has a burn, cut, or another type of open wound, the pediatric staff can apply clean bandages or stitch the wound closed to promote skin healing. Your provider can also prescribe topical medications or antibiotics if needed.

When pain relates to muscle sprains or strains, ice therapy and over-the-counter pain relievers are helpful for increasing your child’s comfort.

For more serious injuries, including animal bites or broken bones, your pediatrician can refer you to a specialist or to the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano Emergency Room on the same campus for additional evaluation and treatment.

Through follow-up visits, your doctor ensures your child’s wound or another type of injury is healing fully and that your child isn’t limited by lingering pain or other health complications.

Contact Pediatric Associates of Plano today, by phone or through the online booking tool, to learn more about urgent care services for minor injuries.